Hey babes,

So with warm weather creeping up fast (and slowly…in NY?) I thought it would be the perfect time to get excited and introduce my favorite swim crush.


Minimale Animale is one of fav swim brands. Their swimsuits (although they can be expensive) are super sexy and I personally think their designs are different which is always appealing to me. I love their rad sassy girl vibe, and their mix of the 80’s high cuts with modern design.


I’ll be honest, I love bikinis and I love to stick to the simple cheeky triangle bikini to minimize tan lines when I’m on the beach as much as possible. Because idk about you…but I really kind of hate tan lines. So I never really go for the fancy and super cool one pieces with all the criss crossy lines and designs because they just look like an impractical tan line nightmare lol. However! Minimale Animale enticed me so much that I had to get one a little while ago during a sale and I do love it! It’s the cindy nouveau design as pictured here:


& here I am in it last season, I purchased the Everglade color.

I mean how could I not cave for this?! This season I’m thinking of getting a red bikini. So if you are looking for a lean mean cheeky swimsuit machine, I totally vote Minimale. What do you think of MA?!

Love, Swim & Sunshine,

Iman ❤️ :*


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