Hello everyone!,

One of the people I’ve followed on instagram for the longest is health and fitness guru Massy Arias, or you may know her as MankoFit (@massy.arias).


I’ve always enjoyed her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and her joy for sharing it with others. I myself believe in the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle and it’s always inspiring to watch a positive journey! So here are some pictures of my first fitness crush Massy!

mankofit-1 img_1512 10632302_1524685961098321_1978784777_n 10467803_1417838515185350_1683310959_n00c2db71a748c10dcc1a31df5296edc6 CA8Un-qVEAAU3C9.jpg-large images

I even put together my first little workout montage for Instagram today (of some of my workout today) with a little bit of inspo from Massy at the end 😉 that you can see here http://instagram.com/iamimanm/ . I hope you enjoy! Here’s to many more fitness crushes and videos!

Happy & Healthy Love,

Iman ❤


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