How To Make One Of My Favorite Breakfast Meals

Overnight oats! (yes, this is a cold dish)

I originally started using this recipe in college when I began eating super healthy. It’s an old favorite of mine with plenty of variations so let’s get started!…

All you need are some plain oats & milk!



I prefer to add in some greek yogurt along with the milk but if you don’t have any yogurt you can still achieve some gooey oats with just milk (whole or low fat if you like).

When I make them, I eyeball how much I want to make whether it be one serving or several for the week. For the most part, how much oats you use will equate to how much you will have in the morning. So you can make however much you feel like eating just by eyeballing it. Just know that the oats will swell up a littleeee so keep that in mind when measuring how much you want.

I take some plain oats, dump them in a bowl and add some milk and yogurt. Make sure you cover the oats with milk because the oats will basically drink up the milk (and yogurt) overnight so you don’t want them to be dry.

Take them out in the morning and you have an awesome ready made breakfast! Add in some fresh fruit, cinnamon, honey, nuts or whatever you like! I typically just do a dab of honey, I like the flavor of the oats all on their own, but this morning I paired it with some grapefruit & green tea! 🙂



This recipe is super easy, healthy and a fun spin on regular hot oatmeal. Enjoy!


Iman ❤


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