The Butcher’s Daughter


So my darling friend Madeline Hill came back to NY (she’s on the Wilhelmina curve board with me) and suggested we get lunch at The Butcher’s Daughter. She doesn’t eat meat (doesn’t like it) and this place is organic, vegetarian, gluten free & all that jazz so I said sure let’s do it (I wanted some good healthy food too).

Side story: the morning of our trip to TBD, Mad texts me saying KARLIE KLOSS was just there. That morning. Three hours before we got there. Which was confirmed via her IG post. Bummed. Lol. We adore her. But anyway…





This place was totally chill and simple. Wooden upholstery, green plants, and candles in the bathroom (which Madeline thought was so cute she had to get a picture of it haha). Very NYC. So we sat at the group wooden table and after careful deliberation placed our orders with our kind waitress. I ordered the Vietnamese “Bahn Mi.” Described as : A toasted baguette filled with mushroom pate, seared cauliflower, picked daikon radish, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, & Harissa mayo. I’m not a vegetarian, I’m quite the carnivore, however this was definitely nice. It had a nice flavor and was very juicy. It was even better with the hot sauce. 🙂



Along with that, I got the Goddess of Green juice and oh my gosh that was my favorite! I actually went back today for a take home bottle of it and another one that’s good for glowing skin! It’s made of green kale, cucumber, green apple, fennel, pineapple, thyme, and blue green algae (how cool haha). So fresh, so clean, so refreshing, and so good. I’ll be coming back to The Butcher’s Daughter, even if it’s just for that. 😉


The Butcher’s Daughter
19 Kenmare St.

Happy eating! ✨

Iman ❤️


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