Hello all!,

Last week I got a haircut at Cutler Salon. One of the last times I went into the office, (Wilhelmina) my agents recommended I get a trim and maybe some layers to spruce up my hair. I agreed since it has been a terribly long time since I have gotten my hair cut…for good reasons! Pathetically, most people are often afraid and/or taken aback by my hair and either don’t know what to do with it or cut off too much or cut it crooked…-_- and I like my hair long, especially when I straighten it, so needless to say I opted against haircuts for a long time. This time I figured a model agency, nonetheless one of the top ones in the world, would know where to get a decent hair cut. So I let my agent set me up with someone who gets great reviews and works really well with curly hair. I wasn’t too nervous since I figured I was in good hands!

Cutler Salon is on the second floor of a building on fifth avenue….mmm classy. So once I realized it was on the second floor I was able to stop walking back and forth like a tourist and get my haircut. I went upstairs and the salon is super nice, I loved it! You check in at the desk and you are automatically offered coffee, water, or tea and given a Cutler salon robe to wear. Now I don’t know about you but I didn’t grow up walking into fancy places like that, I’m used to a little cheap hole in the wall or a family friends basement for a “hair salon.” So you can say I was definitely enjoying myself at Cutler. I arrived a bit early so I had time to scope out the place in the waiting area. It is totally open with huge windows to look down on the rest of the city through, and the walls are packed with Redken Fifth Avenue products. Cutler is, if I get this exactly right, the number one retailer for Redken products. I’ve heard of Redken products before but I’ve stuck with Garnier Fructis for as long as I can remember since the day I realized it was the only thing that made my hair feel and look nice.

So in walks Jenny. Jenny Balding where have you been all my life! She is a young blonde woman from Sweden now living in NYC who has been doing hair for 18 years all over the world. She has especially done a lot of work with curly hair, so I trusted her. Good thing I did, because Jenny gave me the best hair cut I ever had and totally kept me informed in the whole process of everything she was doing (you know sometimes you go get a haircut and they just chop ur hair off without saying a word and you’re just wondering wth is really going on behind your head). She trimmed my ends to keep the layers I already had and chopped up some of the middle to bounce it up again where it was lacking some life, like I noticed. She did a phenomenal job and I loved everything about it, from the shampoo to the end where she worked Redken curveacous curl serum into my hair along with a bunch of shine & moisturizing Redken products such as their Diamond oil (which I’d love to get my hands on as well).

I then proceeded to go back to the Agency to show off and I went home feeling great! …And you better believe I dropped $20 on that curveacous serum before I went home. It was the best curl product I ever used. I normally get frustrated wondering how I can keep my curls looking wet and defined like when they are wet from the shower. I figured I just wasn’t able to do that because my hair will sweat out the product I put in it after a while and transform back to its afro-like nature, which is fine, but sometimes you want a more defined look you know? Anyway, I was never able to do that before until Jenny used this product on me. It’s the only product that will keep my curls defined while dry instead of it looking defined when wet and slowly turning into an afro when dry. I went through the humidity in the subways, the crazy wind and heat that day and it didn’t affect the curl at all! The serum doesn’t even make my hair hard like a harsh gel would! Miracle? Maybe. I was excited!

If you want an awesome proper haircut, and you want to know where the models get their hair cut, I’d send you straight Cutler Salon on 5th ave! Jenny informed me that Cutler also has a very big presence during fashion week, they do a lot with the models. NOW LET ME WARN YOU. Because I am a Wilhelmina model, I got this haircut at an exceptionally low price, but on the regular these cuts run about $500 O_O….I know right. Thank you Willy.

Here are some photos of Cutler and my hair cut. For more photos (and photos of the Redken curl serum) and my black and gold ootd check out my instagram at IAMIMANM!

IMG_4738IMG_4810 IMG_4811IMG_4815 IMG_4825

yes that’s Jenny ;D

IMG_4809IMG_4820 IMG_4829 IMG_4831

Talk soon babes!


Iman ♥


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