Rose Water Review / OOTD

I mentioned a little while back that I would do a rosewater review for you guys and here it is.


I purchased this after a makeup artist told me how great it is for the skin and after reading some reviews about how it can have really great benefits for the skin. So I googled it and decided to purchase this one. It was quite cheap for about $4 but shipping and handling brought it up to about $9. It is a very decent size at 4 FL OZ for the price and it smells amazing!

After using this product for several weeks I do not think it is any kind of miracle product. It does help moisturize the skin with the clear refreshing mist and I have noticed that I think it helps my skin tone look more even. The product is nice but the results and benefits of it are not that dramatic or great for me to feel like I need to buy another one. However, results may be more dramatic on your skin! It is inexpensive so if you are curious, give it a shot!



crop top – Declared clothing

bird print pants – ASOS

wedge sneakers – ALDO


Remember that one time supermodel Crystal Renn liked all my photos? Oh…haha XD



Iman ♥


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