What Is A Casting?

How are you? I woke up feeling like dookie today, unfortunately. However! I still got my butt up and went to work.



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The thing every model has to go to. The thing every aspiring model is oh so curious about. Well I can sit here and tell you about it all day but it’s one of those things you can only truly get down pat through experience. BUT! I will share ;).

A casting is basically a five minute meeting you have with a client to impress them on your first impression. I remember being so nervous to meet clients I knew about, it was easier to meet the ones I didn’t know existed! Ha. It’s gotten much easier now. You basically walk in with your book say hi give them your book n they take your comp card if they like you, well you hope they do. Sometimes they take your pictures and have you try on their clothes, sometimes they don’t. NBD. But I find that a lot of people ask me “Oh you had a casting? Did you get it?” and honestly you never really know. You never really know if you “got it” until you get a booking from the client. Sometimes a client will book for a specific job on a specific day but most of the time clients book “for upcoming shoots” so you don’t know when that will be. You just hope it goes well **I’ve learned that the more you get to make conversation with the client, the better. MAKE CONVERSATION AND BE POLITE** For example, I had a casting for Target four months before I was booked. So obviously it went well, but I didn’t know that until I was booked. Does that make more sense now? Hope so ;).

Here are some tips:

1) Dress clean and trendy. Stick to basics. Black and white. Skinny ankle jeans and button downs. Little black dress. Throw in a leather jacket. Let the client envision you in their clothes. You are meant to be appealing but you are also meant to be a blank canvas to be colored in by the artist (ah I love it). And always have a matching set of neutral color lingerie underneath your clothing! (Keep a black bikini in your bag just in case too)

2) Minimal make up & hair! Concealer, one brush of natural mascara or none, brow gel, & out the door! NATURAL BEAUTY.

3) Heels heels heels! Always have your heels, unless otherwise stated.

4) BE ON TIME. Unless you are given a time frame in which you can come whenever. But hint hint, the earlier the better ;).

5) Be polite! Be kind! & Be yourself! There are tons of models out there, but there is only one YOU! Learn to make quick impressive and relevant conversation in the time that you have with the client, they want to get a good feel for your personality and look (& no one wants to work with a diva!! Smh!)

6) You will always run into other models there. WHO CARES! Make friends with the girls, get info from the experienced girls, take the stress away from it. You can only be yourself, just the like the other models can only be themselves. Use your uniqueness because you can’t have someone else’s. Why would you want to?! Each client is looking for something different at different times. If you’re not chosen for one thing, you’ll be chosen for another. Remember that!

I also advise you to keep your nerves under control! Haha. I’ve had my moment where I texted my managers freaking out because I went to a casting that was worth a lot of money and I totally froze! Hahaha. It’s a funny memory now but realize that a client asked to see YOU. You should be flattered. No matter who the client or how much the pay, a casting is a casting, and if they asked to see you clearly you’ve got something. Treat them all the same, be genuine, and if they don’t like you that’s their fault. They’ll be back and you’ll be better than ever!

Hope this gives you rad babes some good insight!

Sending you so much love tonight.



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