Hello my loves!

Just a quick outfit for you to sleep on, if you’re not already sleeping. Ha.

What you don’t know (well now you do) is that when I’m not modeling I work part time at the local mall in Layne Bryant….great! *sarcasm*. While I don’t enjoy doing it, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do *starts playing Ima hustla baby*. I am technically still considered a new model or “fresh face” so until I blow up blow up (aw yeaaaaa) I will certainly be doing other projects to help pay for expenses and give me extra cash, ca ching.

So tonight before I went in for my typical evening shift, I procrastinated and had to get dressed quickly. I usually rush, idk why, I think I like to work under pressure. So within 15 mins I threw together an outfit that I liked and went on my way. I am typically quite cold in that store with my menopausal manager blasting the ac, (no shade?) so I decided to layer it up. Look at me all prepared for fall, despite hating the cold weather.






When I arrived to work I got a ton of compliments on my look, so I decided to share with you all. Hope you enjoy! Kisses.

Cropped vegan leather jacket – UO
Hi-low dress – H&M
Ear cuff – eBay
Necklace – some lady selling her jewelry at a hair salon
Boots – Urban OG
Leg warmers – Vera Wang for Kohls
Leggings – not sure, Joyce Leslie??
Belt – snatched it off one of my other skirts
Watch – Vince Camuto


Hooray for my first mobile post! When I get my schedule down pat I’ll be sure to let you buggers know the exact times I will always put up a blog post for you! Besos!


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